About Wilna

Born and raised in South Africa Wilna believed the myth; if you can run under a rainbow, it will change your sex! As long as she can remember, she knew she was different.  She started having gay relationships when she was 21,  she knew it was wrong,  but tried to justify it, lied about it, tried to run from it,  and tried to change herself for almost 25 years!  The moment she entered into a gay relationship, a wall would go up between God and her and she felt separated from His presence.  This eventually brought her to a place of total surrender and God began to change her!  Wilna has been living a celibate life since 2003, has a passion to share her own story of  being redeemed from living the gay lifestyle, but she is also keen to help parents and friends of homosexuals.  In many cases when someone announces that they are gay, most people have no idea how to respond.  In her seminar called: “When Gay Comes Home”,Wilna will provide a thought provoking and challenging presentation on this topic incorporating her personal testimony of freedom, redemption, and restoration through Jesus Christ! 

The topic of homosexuality is very complex and very controversial, and many pastors and churches prefer to not talk about it.  Wilna is very open and honest about her former lifestyle and is passionate to help people to understand what a homosexual person goes through.  In her own life she had to deal with fear, shame, guilt, not understanding, looking for love at all the wrong places until she discovered who she really was.

Wilna started sharing her story  of redemption with large audiences since 2008 and has learned in the process how important it is to share her Faith Story with others.  Her redemption and restoration is the driving force and what inspires her to teach and train others to share their own faith stories.  She is passionate to see women and men being restored, and to experience life in abundance, here and now!  Furthermore Wilna is passionate to fulfill the great commission, she has a heart for the lost and loves to teach  and help to equip  believers through abiding in the vine, to become mature disciples and eventually be called ‘ fishers of men’.   Her aim and desire in life is to be a true ambassador for Christ, to be a signpost that points people to Jesus!

Wilna is involved with outreaches such as: Winning Women (a ministry that reaches out to children in the inner city of Saskatoon) and an active member of her local church. Wilna is also a recent graduate of the School of Women in Ministry. Wilna also has dual citizenship (Canada and South Africa) and currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.  She owns her own grooming business in Saskatoon and is passionate to use her God given talents and gifts to interact with clients and their dogs.  Though the rest of her family is still in South Africa,  she considers her two dogs, Daisy and Thursdae part of her family.

'And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?' Esther 4:14(b)